Merry Christmas from The Zoomies

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Santa's Helper, Mandi   Santa's Helper, Mindi   Santa's Helper, Sammi

The Zoomies give Santa a helping hand!

Mindi rips into her toys   It's a nice soft squishy toy!   See my pretty Christmas sweater?
Sammi has his toy   Sammi amid the mayhem   I got a cool sweater, too!
Wow, it's raining toys!   Mandi rips into her present   And here's my pretty Christmas sweater!
Zoomie Christmas Madness!   The madness continues...   ...and continues!
Hee hee, this is fun!   This Christmas thing is kinda fun, can we do it again tomorrow?   Okay, I'm ready for more
Mess?  What mess?   GRRR, gimme my toy back!   What's next, Mom?
Nibble...nibble...nibble   Christmas is great!   I'm ready too!
The Toy Terminator begins her destruction...   r-r-r-r-i-i-i-i-p-p-p-p!   GRRRRRR
  The first casualty of Toy Terminator!   Sammi creates his own havoc  
Aren't I adorable?   Nibble...nibble...nibble   Yep, I'm definitely cute and adorable!

I dunno about you, but I think there oughtta be some cookies in some of those packages!   How about it Mom?  Got any cookies up there?  
Ha ha...c'mon Mom, we know you got 'em   Please Mom?  Pretty please?   I'll give ya a "high ten" for a cookie!

Okay, let's take this party outside!

Whatcha doin' up there?  Come down and join the party!   Is anybody out there?   Mindi doing what beagles do best...tracking!
Hey Mom, the water's hard!   Okay, I'm ready!  Who wants to play?   C'mon, I'll take ya all on!
  Mandi beats Sammi to the ball   Throw it again, Mom, I'm ready this time!  
And Mandi wins again...   Throw it again, Mom.  I know I'll get it this time!   Not in a million years, little brother!
Christmas_2007\Sammi gives Mindi a Christmas Kiss   One tired beagle!

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